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La Palma Island

It is no coincidence that this island is known as “La isla bonita”, or the pretty island. Home to almost intact natural resources, with landscapes of remarkable beauty, La Palma is the green island which reveals a multitude of colours beneath one of the best skies in the world in terms of astronomic observation. For this reason, you won’t be surprised to find that the most important astrophysics observatories in the northern hemisphere are situated here.
Nor will you be able to imagine the number of secret places where you can get in touch with nature on the island. You will only get some idea when you enter the Biosphere reserve and you start to make your way through it, along one of its innumerable paths, through dense forests dotted with permanent springs where the vegetation all around you is what survived from the age of the dinosaurs. You will be captivated by the impressive peaks, where star-gazing is a whole new experience; by the ravines, the volcanoes and the strange lava flows... Charming beaches will also tempt you to take a relaxing swim in the clean ocean waters.

You can explore inside one of the biggest craters in the world, which is also a National Park, on the steep sides of which there are splendid examples of the canary pine, a species of tree that only grows in the Canaries.

After your visit, you will definitely want to return to this island that is so respectful towards the environment that it has been awarded the title of the first “Sustainable Tourist Destination” in the world.