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Discover the magic of Lanzarote by exploring the spectacular volcanic landscapes which seem to come from distant planets, and where the heat from the centre of the earth shoots to the surface. Relax in the peaceful beaches of white sand and transparent water, and take in the impressive views of the small islets that can be glimpsed from the cliff tops

Lanzarote is a special experience for the senses, especially in terms of sight and sound, which capture these impossible formations in the landscape and the silence which fills you with peace. A Biosphere Reserve, the island also boasts a Marine Reserve, a National Park and 12 Natural Protected areas: this is a treasure for those who like to spend their leisure time in natural settings, enjoying the sunshine along with the fresh sea air. In the island of the volcanoes you will see, as in nowhere else, the extent to which the volcanic origin of a land influences the lives of its inhabitants. In agricultural settings of great beauty, you will discover how the peasants of Lanzarote worked with nature, in order to survive, and developed a unique system of cultivation that made it possible for them to grow excellent products in an apparently sterile land, where crops are cultivated below a covering of black volcanic sand.

If you are someone who is concerned about the environment, you have come to the perfect place because this island was declared to be one of the universal models of sustainable development by the World Tourism Organization, thank to a great extent to the work of the artist C├ęsar Manrique, whose untiring defence of the natural settings of the island still survive in many parts.