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La Gomera Island

A jewel of nature. That’s how you will describe this island when you go back home. You’ll have to make an imaginative effort to find the words to describe its landscapes, especially the green forest formed by species that disappeared in other parts of the world millions of years ago, but which have survived here and will amaze you.

La Gomera is waiting for you to discover its greatest treasure: the National Prack and UNESCO World Heritage Site of La Garajonay, a dense forest of notable richness in terms of its flora, with a magical appearance. Here you will find many species that are extinct elsewhere, as well as peaceful springs; this is definitely the ideal place for people who love hiking. You will be impressed, too, by the dramatic mountains, with deep ravines that drop into the ocean. This is a landscape that has been sculpted over centuries by erosion, as over two million years have passed since the last volcanic eruption. Another aspect that will surprise you is the sight of the green valleys covered with palm trees, the charming rural villages, the impressive cliffs, and the welcoming bays of black sand bathed by crystalline waters. In La Gomera you will find nature in its purest state, where human intervention has created agricultural areas of great beauty. Wait till you see the cultivated terraces, laid out on steep slopes, and you will appreciate the great effort that was made by the local country folk to build and work them.

You will be pleased to learn that the European Charter for Tourism has been set up in the island, which is an initiative designed to protect natural species and at the same time, offer the highest standards of quality of service for tourists.