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Discover new flavours in the Canary Islands, a place where fresh products from the land and sea are prepared with care so that you can enjoy simple, exquisite dishes. Try fresh fish, locally caught the same day, or a tasty roast meat dish; enjoy a steaming bowl of potage, made from locally grown vegetables, accompanied by one of the excellent local cheeses


If you are someone who enjoys their food, after you have tried these starters you will enjoy, as a first course, one of the popular Canarian soups made from vegetables or watercress; or, if you prefer, a good fish bouillon or potato or corn broth. For the second course you can choose between one of the many types of fresh fish that are caught in the waters off the Canary Islands, such as cherne, or between different types of meat cooked in various ways, including pork, rabbit, goat or chicken.

And to round off this exquisite, healthy meal, there is nothing better than choosing one of the delicious desserts that the varied and appetizing Canarian confectionery has to offer, while those with less of a sweet tooth can decide to try the fruits of the islands, such as the famous banana, or the wide range of tropical fruit such as papayas, avocados or mangos. Of course we cannot forget the prestigious cheeses and wines made in the Canary Islands, internationally recognized, and winners of various prizes and classified as Denomination of Origin (2 different cheeses and 10 different wines).


And when it comes to choosing the wine, there are many excellent options produced in these volcanic islands.

Although Canarian cuisine has its own identity, you will find it contains the influences of the various cultures that have left their mark on this Atlantic archipelago. The main influence must be the Spanish tradition, but you will notice also those of the Americas, Africa, and of course, the tradition inherited from the earliest inhabitants of the islands. Because of this, it is easy to see that Canarian cooking is more than a question of food; it is also cultural identity and tradition.

One of the most original and traditional products that you can try here is gofio, corn or wheat that has been ground and toasted, which was eaten by the aborigines and which is still consumed nowadays. There are many ways to cook it; it is most often mixed with fish broth, vegetable soups or even with milk. Another typical dish is the famous papas arrugadas or wrinkly potatoes, eaten with mojo, or spicy sauce, which complements the potatoes when they have been cooked in their skins with a lot of salt.