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Think of long, untouched beaches of white sand, set in a coastline bathed by the ocean with calm transparent water that invites you to relax in evocative intimacy. There is no better place to glide out on a surf board or windsurf across a turquoise sea and take advantage of the wind.
But fuerteventura is not just about sun and beaches. In this island, declared a Biosphere Reserve, you can also appreciate other surprising landscapes, such as the extensive plains, produced by years of erosion, which contrast with volcanoes and lava flows, or the impressive sand dunes through which you can glimpse, a few kilometres away, an uninhabited desert islet, classed as a Special Bird Protection Zone by European regulations. If you are lucky, you might get to see the flight of the guirre or Canarian Egyptian Vulture: the only species of vulture that lives in the Canary Islands. Let your imagination fly to the remote past, and discover the Sacred Mountain, considered by the aboriginal people to have magical significance. In the charming villages of the interior you will also be able to breathe the history of the island, thanks to its well preserved traditional architecture, while the tiny, hidden fishing villages will reveal the secrets of their special flavours. In Fuerteventura you will see the oldest rocks of the archipelago, marine remains belonging to the period before the formation of the Canary Islands.