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Imagine a paradise for underwater diving. Yes, this is El Hierro, the island that is bathed in transparent waters, where lovers of diving come every year from all over the world to photograph one of the best ocean depths of the planet. Relax and chill out in this small corner of the Atlantic that overflows with an abundance of nature.

You will be able to boast of having been in one of the Biosphere Reserves of Europe. Take away with you an unforgettable memory of volcanoes and lava fields, fertile valleys, and dramatic cliffs up to 1000m high; dense forests of species of vegetation that have survived in the island since prehistoric times; trees that are a thousand years old, twisted by the wind; reptiles that were thought to be extinct... You will ask yourself how so much diversity is possible in such a small territory, but you’ll realize that here everything is authentic. Forget your stress and turn your back on routine in this privileged island where aboriginal legends tell of sacred trees: this is the place that was considered the limit of the known world in classical times.

But El Hierro is also the future. The island shows its determination to maintain a system of sustainable development, thanks to the construction of a hydro-aeolic plant which will mean it is completely supplied by clean, renewable energy, as well as making it independent in terms of energy supplies.